ML Engineer - Computer Vision (India / US)

Work Type: Full Time


At Xook, we are building a new food distribution model using a fleet of fully cloud-controlled robots. We believe in a future where every person could have freshly made food tailored to their personalized taste whenever they want and are committed to making it a reality using digital recipes, IoT, and robotics.

As an organization, we strive to build a culture that encourages people to take ownership of areas, constantly innovate, raise concerns openly, be open to feedback, and learn from mistakes. As an engineer joining the startup during its early stages, you would get to work closely with the founders who've been part of the management teams of 5 unicorns and work on a variety of problems across the stack

Roles and Responsibilities

  1. Own the ML charter for the company end-to-end
  2. Identity opportunities to improve or radically innovate on customer experience, bring supply side insights, and impact business metrics with machine learning. Atleast 1/3rd of the charter would involve computer vision.
  3. Work with stakeholders to prioritize the initiatives and deliver them incrementally.
  4. Help build and continuously improve algorithms and analytics for detecting, classifying, and tracking objects and phenomena in the robotic kiosk.
  5. Work on a reliability-first pipeline for benchmarking the company’s detection and tracking algorithms.
  6. Building and improving new training datasets
  7. Develop, evaluate and improve metrics for assessing deployed algorithms.s
  8. Implement existing algorithms into the sensor applications (C++/Python/TensorRT)
  9. Research and explore new computer vision and machine learning techniques to improve our kiosk system.

Must-Have Skills

  1. At least 2 years of experience building ML / CV systems that have been deployed in production.
  2. Bachelor’s degree in computer science or related fields
  3. Strong grasp of data structures and algorithms
  4. Extensive experience of working with image processing and machine learning techniques.
  5. Well-versed with OpenCV / TensorFlow / PyTorch / similar frameworks
  6. An owner's mindset

Good to have Skills.

  1. Master’s or Ph.D. in relevant topics
  • Experience with cloud computing platforms such as AWS, GCP, or Azure.
  1. Solid foundation in linear algebra and statistics
  2. The ability to effectively convey highly technical concepts to team members in a manner that promotes collaboration and teamwork

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